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    FBLA is a non-profit educational association for students preparing for careers in business, entrepreneurial or business-related fields.  Partnerships are formed with Chambers of Commerce, local businesses, industries, and government.  An extensive skills competitions program is offered to challenge members achievements in their academic pursuits.

    FBLA offers you opportunities to:

    • Meet and make friends with present and future leaders from your state and around the world
    • Practice business and leadership skills by taking part in chapter projects and holding local, state, and national offices.
    • Win state and national awards in individual and chapter events testing your business know-how in everything from accounting to computer application, from job interviewing to decision making--just about any skill you choose.
    • Expand your knowledge through hands-on experience, workshops and conferences, and scholarships to partnerships and foreign exchange and to management seminars.
    • Enjoy preparing for you career by being part of numerous local and national events and activities.