Day 1 Selfie
  • September 7, 2018

    Hello to the great community of Cheraw, CO!

    WOW! Working and living in Cheraw have been one of the best decisions of my life! I can't believe two weeks of school have already come and gone. Please excuse my poor excuse for a selfie. As you can see, I'm not a proficient selfie-taker. However, I post this picture because it will be a cherished photo I'll keep with me for the rest of my life. It was taken the first day of first day with students as a member of the great Cheraw family. So far, your kids have been wonderful. I look forward to working with them and with you.

    There have been a couple of new items already in place for this year. First, we have updated English curriculum in grades Kindergarten through High School. Second, we have included a doorbell at the front door. Front doors will remain locked. We hope this will add to the security of our students and staff while at school. Third, we have updated the kitchen and food menus. Feel free to come by and see the updates in food services. And fourth, we are excited about our new Ag program. It is a work in progress; however, I'm excited about the number of students who have already signed up. I have a feeling it will only get bigger in the next couple of years. There is positive momentum in the air which will fuel more ideas and possible changes. Feel free to participate in the changes and join the accountability committee. Stay tuned to the school calender for meeting dates and times. 

    I hope the great start with role throughout the year till the last day. I'll work hard to make it so!